Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

Only approximately 30% of the hair follicles on your body are active at one time leaving the remaining follicles dormant or in a state of rest. Laser light is attracted to pigmentation and only active follicles have pigmentation. This means only active hair follicles can be a target for the laser’s light.

The process by which Laser Hair Removal works is very simple. The pigment (also known as melanin) in your hair absorbs the light energy from the laser and it is converted into heat. This then overheats the follicle and permanently disables hair growth in that follicle. Because of the need for pigmentation to absorb the light, this procedure does not work effectively on gray, white, blonde or red hair follicles.
The efficiency of Laser Hair Removal is now widely recognized throughout the dermatology industry and new strides are constantly being made to advance the field. At Vitalize Medical Spa you can rest assured that your treatment will be completed under the care of physicians that are highly trained in the art of Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal Common Areas:

Abdomen - From the bottom of the rib cage to the top of the pubic area.
Areola - The area 1 inch around the nipple(s).
Back - From the top of the shoulder blade to the natural waistline.
Bikini - The inner leg area that is 2-3 inches around the bikini undergarment.
Bikini - (Female) The bikini area plus one of the following: 1) the inner thigh, 2) a Brazilian cut or 3) top of the pubic area. 
Brow - Center of brow.
Buttocks - Glutes.
Buttocks (extended) - Glutes & anus.
Cheeks - From the temple across the face to the nose.
Chest - From the collarbone to the bottom of the rib cage.
Chin - From the corners of the lower lip, two inches under the jaw line. The lower lip is included in the chin.
Cleavage - The area between the breasts only.
Ears - Exterior only. Cannot go into the orifice.
Extended Bikini - A regular bikini but perhaps it comes down a little further down your leg.
Feet & Toes - From below the ankles to the tips of the toes.
Forearm - Elbow to wrist, includes anterior & posterior surfaces as needed.
Full Arms - Upper arms & forearms combined, anterior & posterior surfaces as needed.
Full Brow - Glabella, top of brows, if needed extend to temples. Does not include the underside of brows or the eye socket.
Full Face - Includes the lip, chin, sides of face & cheeks.
Full Legs - Upper & lower legs combined, anterior & posterior surfaces as needed.
Hands - Wrist to fingertips.
Lower Back - From the natural waistline to the top of the buttocks.
Lower Legs - From the top of the knee to the ankle, anterior & posterior surfaces as needed.
Lower Lip - From the corners of the mouth, one pulse width, under the bottom of the lower lip.
Navel - The abdomen trail starting at the navel, 1-3 inches in width down to the pubic area.
Neck (Back) - From the end of the hairline to the t-shirt collar.
Neck (Front) - (Female) From two inches under the chin to the top of the collarbone.
Neck (Front) - (Male) From the top of the Adam’s apple to the top of the collarbone.
Private Area (Frontal area only) - The entire area under the bikini undergarment.
Shoulders - Top of the scapula to the collarbone, no more than 4 inches.
Sides of Face - From the mid-ear area across the cheek, down to the jaw line, bordering the corner of the mouth but not including the chin.
Underarms - The axilla.
Upper Arms - From the junction of the shoulder & the arm to the elbow, includes anterior & posterior surfaces as needed. Does not include the top of the shoulder.
Upper Legs - From the bottom of the bikini area to the top of the knee, anterior & posterior surfaces as needed.
Upper Lip - From the corners of the mouth to the nose.

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